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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Taking down a 200+ year old Elm :o(

This fall we had to take down a MASSIVE Elm Tree. The poor old dear got Dutch Elm. Part of what we loved about this yard when we bought our house four years ago was that Elm. My husband and I could not get our arms around it together. It looked like a mini-Swiss Family Robinson Tree.

I planted my first shade garden under it.
Just looking at that trunk, I'm sure it doesn't seem like much.

Here is the full view:

We knew by the end of last summer that it had to come down. I spent the last part of this summer digging and splitting and potting ALL of those mature plants. I moved a lot of them and gave away hundreds of splits. It's amazing how much more work it was to take out the garden than it was to put it in. And a lot less fun.

Our amazing neighbors and their families came to help with the daunting task. I can't quite explain how touching it was to have the whole neighborhood show up to help. They brought skidloaders and dump trucks and chainsaws. 

Pictures, in this case, are definately worth a thousand words: And the video even more:

 Frank was the Chainsaw Master!!!

Grandpa Bob scaring the living sh** out of us...
The Wedge comes out. Nice Job Matt!
And there it goes...The entire little town of Blooming Praire felt it.

A mid-winter on-line tribite to all who helped!  Thank you!

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