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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Let the Countdown Begin!

According to the Farmer's Almanac for 2011, we are only 75 days from our average last frost for the season. Seventy-five days may sound like a lot, in fact it sounds like a lifetime when you look out your window to a white blanket of snow. But when you think about it, seventy-five days ago we were getting ready for the great Halloween Haunt. So, we're half way there, if not a bit more.

In 30 days it will be Valentine's Day (plug Panache Floral!!!!). We will all have had our fill of winter and get terribly grumpy because it is inevitable that we will get another crazy Minnesota Blizzard.

In 60 days it will be the middle of March and most of the snow will start to create mud pits in our yards and puddles in our roads. The first signs of life will emerge in our garden beds and the grass will think about turning green again. From there we're only a couple of weeks to every Minnesotan's version of freedom. Spring! A little bit of hope will soar from all of our hearts. We will smile at eachother sincerely and put our cranky winter selves into storage.

March, inevitably will feel like the longest month of our lives (at least since last year). But we won't fret too much. We're kind of a crazy bunch, us Minnesotans. Our first above freezing day we will all be out in T-shirts and shorts. Flip flops will replace our Sorel's and we will no longer let our cars run for thirty minutes before we even think about going anywhere. Our fire pits will be lit and our cabins opened up for the season.

It really is the best time of year in Minnesota. Dads everywhere are airing up bike tires. Joggers hit the streets instead of the treadmills. Boats get polished and Fishing Licenses bought. Everywhere you go, people are trading in their grumpy winter attitude for their happy spring attitude. Life just doesn't get any better than Spring Thaw in Minnesota!