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Friday, December 24, 2010

Minnesota Wild Flowers in Danger!

I would consider myself pretty in tune to perennials that grow well in Minnesota. I was unaware, however, of how many native Minnesota Wild Flowers are actually threatened or of "special concern."  Did you know there are Orchids that are native to MN wetlands?  I had no idea!

Here's the list from Wikepedia:

  • Short's aster Aster shortii (threatened)

  • Three-leaved coneflower Rudbeckia triloba var. triloba (special concern)

  • Northern gentian Gentiana affinis (special concern)

  • Soft goldenrod Solidago mollis (special concern)

  • Northern paintbrush Castilleja septentrionalis (endangered)

  • Floating marsh marigold Caltha natans (endangered)

  • Alpine milk vetch Astragalus alpinus (endangered)

  • Missouri milk vetch Astragalus missouriensis (special concern)

  • Slender milk vetch Astragalus flexuosus (special concern)

  • Clasping milkweed Asclepias amplexicaulis (special concern)

  • Narrow-leaved milkweed Asclepias stenophylla (endangered)

  • Prairie milkweed Asclepias hirtella (threatened)

  • Sullivant's milkweed Asclepias sullivantii (threatened)

  • Ram's head orchid Cypripedium arietinum (threatened)

  • Tubercled rein orchid Platanthera flava var. herbiola (endangered)

  • Western prairie fringed orchid Platanthera praeclara (threatened)

  • Western prairie fringed orchid Platanthera praeclara (threatened)

  • Small shinleaf Pyrola minor (special concern

  • Nuttall's sunflower Helianthus nuttallii ssp. rydbergii (special concern)

  • Lance-leaved violet Viola lanceolata (threatened)

  • Yellow prairie violet Viola nuttallii (threatened)

  • All of the above links and pictures are from Wikipedia. Another great resource for Minnesota Wild Flowers is http://www.minnesotawildflowers.info/page/home

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