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Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Garden Resolutions for 2011

I have to admit that I stole this idea from the Garden Rant Ladies. If you have not checked out their blog at http://www.gardenrant.com/, I highly suggest you do, their blog is very fun!

My top 10 Garden Resolutions for 2011? I honestly hadn't thought about it until I read their blog.

But, in no particular order, here's what I will accompish in my gardening life this year:

1. I will build and run a successful gardening business! I will find the contacts, master the marketing and make every garden I touch look great! I will treat my clients gardens as my own and make sure that they are so proud of their gardens that the want to brag about them to everyone they know.

2. I will master the Master Garden Course and become an important part of the Steele County Master Gardners. I will listen to and learn from those more knowledgeable than I am.

3. I won't try to harden off my young plants to early! Every year I say this, and every year I kill off plants trying to make Mother Nature do things when I'm ready instead of when she's ready. I never win. And I admit that I never will!

4. I will fix the disaster that taking down that 200 year old Elm that I recently blogged about created in our yard. I will turn the stump into an eye-catching centerpiece.

5. I will NOT add any more gardens to my own yard with the exception of replacing the one that had to be moved to take the tree down. I think 12 is quite enough!

6. I will plant and harvest more vegetables. The vegetable garden will not be the neglected garden.

7. I will not plant too many pumkins. But I really love growing pumpkins! If I could only find or create a variety or two that did not take over the entire yard! Ok, they don't take over the entire yard, but they far exceed the area they were meant for!

8. I will share more cut flowers from my gardens with my friends and neighbors. There's nothing like the joy in Miss Shirley's eyes when my son Cole brings her a vase full of flowers.

9. I will meet the lady in town with her entire yard covered in gardens. She's been working on redoing them. I'm sure that she's been gardening for years. After all, it had to take years to create the yard that she has and I'm sure that she knows a lot of interesting things that I don't!

10. And, darn it, I will blog every day that it is possible so that my fellow garden freaks can learn what I know and I can learn from them! No matter how tired, lazy or just plain stumped on an idea I am!

What are your gardening resolutions?? Please, please, please make comments and ask questions! And pretty please with sugar....Pass it on!

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