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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Crazy Plant Names

Paging through seed and plant catalogues, you'll commonly find plants with names that you can't pronounce. They are derived from Latin or Greek or whatever whatever. As more and more plant varieties are created and introduced someone needs to come up with more and more names. Most plant common plant names refer to the color of the blooms or the foliage. Some, on the other hand, come from out of the blue. I suppose if you look at the plant in just a certain way or you're high they might make sense.

I'll give you my interpretation, and I would love to hear yours:

False Forget Me Not (Brunnera) - It's like an 8 year old trying to be clever. Forget me - NOT, oh wait, that was false, which means the whole thing is true. HA! Gotcha! (eye roll please)

Sunshine Superman (Coreopsis) - I picture Superman dancing through a field, skipping, and singing the old "sunshine, lollipops and rainbows....."

Pow Wow Wildberry
Pow Wow Wildberry (Echinacea) - This is not just any berry colored Cone Flower, folks, it's got a little sass to it, a little POW and a little WOW (sales pitch by Steve Carell aka Michael Scott).

Pink Poodle Echinacea - How excited will your friends be when you call them over to see your new Pink Poodle and they get this.

Dragon's Blood Sedum - Most likely named by the guy right next to the guy naming the Pink Poodle ~ Had
                         to prove something!

Beard Tongue (Penstemon) - Grizzly Adams sticking his tongue out???

Double Bloody Mary
Wild Thing Salvia - This is a very cool looking plant - bright red blooms - Aparently it gives your garden
                               party a little extra.

Double Bloody Mary Geum - Place stratically next to the Wild Thing Salvia for the Morning After.

Red Hot Poker - My personal favorite. Don't plant too far away from Wild Thing
                           and the Double Bloody Mary!

There are a ton more of funny names, many relating to animals. I think we will save those for another time!

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