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Friday, January 7, 2011

Dirt Therapy for Me!

So, I've been a little cranky the last couple days. It's snowy, cold and we still have a good 70 days to go before we really hit a good "meltage" possibility. Not only that, but I've already screwed up my garden resolution. Sorry, just wasn't in the mood to blog yesterday. But I'm making up for it today.

If you don't already know, our 1914 home has a HUGE dungeon basement. there are four rooms, basically in the dungeon. But it has a concrete floor, old rock walls and a lot of spider webs. Every fall I clean out all the spiderwebs, sweep up all the rubble and flip on the grow lights! It's my way of surviving Minnesota winter!

I've got some little seeds germinating down there. I've got some tropicals. I've got some annuals that I saved from last summer. I've got it all. Including about 10 jars of water with clippings of different plants rooting. I love plants that root in water!

I've spent so much time on line marketing Heather's Garden and doing research on everything entrepreneur, that I just needed a break. So I set into my dungeon and started splitting and repotting and watering and reorganizing!  After two hours I've emerged, a whole new person. The dirt under my nails alone makes it feel like summer (as long as I don't look outside)!

I realize that most normal people don't thrive covered in dirt like I do. My friend Angel challenges herself to a Wii dance off. I have a friend that knits and crotchets, a friend that paints and a friend that simply organizes pictures of her daughter. My son makes a life size creation or invention out of stuff around the house. My other son finds some way to be smarter than the computer geniuses out there. There's always something that can turn your mood from down-in-the-dumps to party-mode.

What's yours???

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